Volunteers are the heart and soul of The Bargain Box. These dedicated volunteers give their time and talents to operating The Bargain Box in order to make a difference in Beaufort County. Bargain Box Volunteers commit to work at least one three hour shift per week on a mutually agreed to schedule. This level of commitment is required because each volunteer is an important cog in the operation of The Bargain Box and is trained to carry out his or her duties to best support the whole operation. Volunteers make the Bargain Box what it is. 

Bargain Box operations are managed by a group of Leaders selected by the volunteers from their own ranks - who work harmoniously to make sure that things run smoothly.

These Leaders include a Day Chair and a Sales Chair for each day the shop is open, and functional Chairs which who oversee specialty disciplines within The Bargain Box (Collectibles, Furniture, Grants, etc.).  The Chairs along with the elected officers - President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Immediate Past President make up the Board of Directors which governs The Bargain Box.

The work of the Volunteers is supported by a small paid staff that maintains the facilities, conducts donation pick-ups, distributes donated item to the proper locations in The Bargain Box, disposes of unusable items, moves heavy items, and assists customers in loading purchases. 

Interested in Volunteering?

New volunteers are always welcome! We would love to have you join us in The Bargain Box and be a part of this wonderful organization. There's so much to be done and there's a job just for you:

The work starts with volunteer sorters that open the black plastic bags and boxes from our donors and stage them for the next step. This sometimes yields some interesting and surprising “finds”. After the sorters have staged the donated items another group of volunteers prices them. Pricers are provided with pricing guidelines are provided but become very knowledgeable in the thrift shop value of items in a short time.

Each sales day other Volunteers stock our sales floor, getting a chance to demonstrate and hone their merchandising skills. Once the store is open, our Sales Volunteers – salespersons and cashiers who provide service to our customers to ensure their total satisfaction – take over. While the shop is open other volunteers also restock the sales floor as items are sold to further enhance the shopping experience for our customers.  

Volunteers also have an opportunity to showcase their skills in specialty “departments”. We operate an electrical department that tests and prices donated items “that have plugs” – lamps, radios, small appliances, etc. We also have a collectibles department that processes and prices collectibles, antiques, better clothing and other special items. Other departments include books, toys, sporting goods and artwork.

Contact Our Volunteer Coordinator for More Details